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Are you searching online for the best vacuum cleaners for your dogs , cats, or other furry pets? Pet hair or fur, feathers, too are the culprits to allergens that can bring about asthma, rashes, and other symptoms.  A vacuum made especially for getting rid of pet dander is a must. Find one with a strong suction and other qualities as mentioned below:


Miele Dynamic Upright vacuum cleaner for people with cats or dogs at home: A lot of pet owners have found this vacuum cleaner truly helpful. If you have asthma, even allergic rhinitis, who says you can’t have a pet? You can! As long as you clean regularly and you use the right tool such as this vacuum.  It promises to clean up 99.9% of dander as well as dirt and dust inside your home. Smartly designed with easy swivel and electro brush technology, it works well on different floor types e.g. carpeted, hardwood, tiled, etc. Controls are easy to access as they’re found on the handle.

Black + Decker MAX Vacuum: This Black + Decker Lithium Vacuum is high performance with powerful suction and cyclonic action. It’s simple enough to use and can make dust disappear quickly. This vacuum cleaner for pet hair was also designed with a pivot and brush tool that can grab that dander. Because it’s battery is the lithium type, you can enjoy longer battery life so no need to worry about the vacuum dying off on you during cleaning sessions.

Dyson V6 animal: This vacuum is recommended by the US’ Asthma and Allergy Foundation. And that says a lot about why I included it on this list of the Best Pet Hair Vacuums for people with cats and dogs. Powerful, light, and handy, though it can’t get under furniture because it’s on the bulky side of things.


VonHaus 2-in-1 Corded Vacuum: Don’t let it’s slimness and lightweight quality fool you. This is one very powerful vacuum cleaner. It can be used as a stick type of vacuum and can also be converted into a handheld vacuum. Cool, right?! This product also boasts of HEPA filters and a dust container that’s easy to remove and empty out. Strong suctioning to be expected while being easy on the pocket.

Shark Rocket Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: Powerful yet lightweight, this model has a spinning brush that quickly catches all those pet hair, even the tiniest strands. This also comes with a dust cup and easy to wash filters so you’re able to save money e.g. you don’t need to buy filters and bags unlike with other vacuums. Perfect for spot, pet hair, and furniture cleaning. If you need a product for carpeted floors or large areas, this isn’t the one for you, though.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 Handheld Vacuum: This Bissell vacuum cleaner is an excellent buy as it has a rubber designed especially for cleaning upholstery, a hard plastic suctioning attachment for sucking up dander, dust, and other messes, and two nozzles. A removable container, HEPA filtration system, and bagless quality — these are some of what you’ll love about this pet hair vacuum. Lightweight at just 3.5 lbs and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Type Vacuum: Perfect for quick cleaning of your home as it’s lightweight at 10.5 lbs. Easy to maneuver, with powerful suction, and flip button technology, loved by many pet owners. This model also has an indicator for low battery power which you’ll find convenient.


Check out the best vacuums for pet hair today, or visit this link if you’re curious about the pros and cons of Shark and Dyson vacuums.

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