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The 2016 election has be so prominent that people are starting to think about what they value and what issues are important to them. Bernie Sanders created a revolution that got young people thinking about politics. However, he offered an unrealistic viewpoint. There are specific reasons why people should vote Republican. If you consider small government, low taxes, and secured borders, then the Republican Party is for you. These issues are very important to Republicans. Republicans also believe in freedom and personal responsibility. The Republican view supports small business to improve the economy and are also pro-life. We can’t boost the economy if every woman is having an abortion, now can we?


Ok, so you might what to know what the Republican Party is against. Climate change and global warming are foolish and should not be paid attention to. They absolutely protect and defend the Second Amendment. Republicans also have a view that our military is responsible to keep the world safe and attempt to make it democratic. So much for personal responsibility, huh? Republican presidents tend to be less friendly and are shady with business deals that benefit the wealthy.


The Democratic Party is the complete opposite of the Republican Party on the issues mentioned. Republicans are more in tune with the Founding Fathers’ original goals. They favor morality, family values, and prayer in schools. Democrats are the opposite. They even advocate for abortion rights and homosexual marriage!


In order to choose a party, you have to look at the issues they address. You then have to compare your personal beliefs with theirs. It is ok if you agree with some of both, you could be considered an Independent. However, if you are like me and agree with my points of view, you may seriously want to consider joining the Republican Party. Under a Republican administration, our economy will be boosted because they have less government regulations. They will also repeal Obamacare and take a firm stance on reforming the welfare system. Taxes will also be cut, because if you pay less taxes, you have more money, when you have more money, you will spend it, which in turn boosts the economy. A Republican president will also appoint Justices whose views line up with moral citizens. The forced homosexual marriage decision and Roe v. Wade, may be done away with. Once the Republican administration steps in and takes over, American will be made great again.

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    Hi, I’m Publikat. I’m a 5-year-old Republican cat who lives with my owner David in Missouri. I’m hoping 2016 is the year that makes America great again. Paws crossed!